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Numerical Expressions


Having trouble in understanding and solving numerical expressions? Now you have at your disposal an app to help you!The Numerical Expressions was designed to solve, analyze and generate the binary tree of any expression. Furthermore, the app features visual aids that highlight parentheses from expressions, facilitating the visualization of resolving priorities in an expression.
The following is a detailed description about the app's features:
- Get the resolution of the numerical expressionEnter any numerical expression and get its resolution.
- Show implicit parenthesesImplicit parentheses are those who were not informed when entering the expression, but it is as if they were present to justify the natural precedence of operators.For example: in the expression 4 + 6/2, as the division operator "/" has higher priority than the addition operator "+", we can say that this expression has a pair of implicit parentheses. If we display them, the expression would look like this: 4+ (6/2).
- Highlight pairs of parenthesesIt is possible to highlight each pair of parentheses in a different color, or even the entire content inside them.
- View step by step resolutionSee each of the calculations performed in the expression to get the final result.
- Get the binary tree of the expressionThe binary tree is a data structure. In this case is used to graphically represent the expression, identifying unambiguously the order in which the sub-expressions must be solved. Facilitating the understanding of operator precedence.
- Analyze the expressionLearn about each of the expression’s components (numbers, operators or other symbols).
You will also have at your disposal a short content divided into the following topics:
- OperatorsGet information about each operator along with examples.
- Operator precedence- See a table of easy understanding that display the operator precedence.
- NumbersGet information about the types of numbers that may appear in numerical expressions.
- Other symbolsGet information about other symbols that may appear in numerical expressions, like the decimal point ".", Opening "(" and closing ")" parentheses.
Disclaimer:Each informed expression is automatically calculated, wrong results may be returned.
Developed by:Andrew Ruiz -